Monday, December 12, 2011

Diet & Dieting & Detoxification

Personally, I don’t encourage long term fasting methods as a form of detoxification, including juice fasting or simply fasting and not eating anything at all. Anything too extreme is not going to be sound for our bodies. For me, I have a different understanding of detoxification and dieting. Neither one should mislead you to thinking that stop eating food nor will consume help to eliminate toxins out of your body effectively. Note that your body works in sync with the energy sources that you provide it, in this case, food that we eat. Thus I do not see how extreme fasting can benefit out bodies in any way. What I believe is to eliminate the horrible kinds of food that we are tricked into eating these days and avoid consuming them to reduce contaminations/build ups in our body. And this should be long term, not just a 3 days or week thingy.

Below is a shopping list that I have created, most of the time I do my grocery shopping 2 times a week, and I have cut down on red meat consumption, remembered I refrained from eating red meat for almost 3 months and got back to eating them once in a long while because the more I read, the more I believed that moderation is the key to finding a balance for your diet and health.

  • - Peppermint tea; Dandelion roots tea; Green tea
  • - Bitter greens
  • - Chinese cabbage & lettuce
  • - Roots vegetable; beetroot & carrot
  • - Grains; brown rice, green & red beans
  • - Sea vegetables
  • - Fish (sea/river), poultry & red meat (moderately)

Liver & Skin Health

Liver & Skin Health

It is important that you liver is functioning properly in order for yourself to be less prone to occasional breakouts and even help to prevent other health problems later in life.

What I have learnt is that the Liver, being the crucial organ in our body for detoxification, protein synthesis and production of biochemical necessary for digestion also produces bile, an alkaline compound which is important for digestion via the emulsification of lipids. These are all essential for the proper expelling of toxins and waste products that we bring into our body every single day.

Thus, I feel right to say that if our Liver is functioning well, we will experience fewer breakouts, notwithstanding the fact that organs works hand in hand with each other to produce an optimum effect on our skin and health. I shall discuss about other organs in the coming posts. For now, I will focus on Liver first.

On Liver:

  • - The liver gets a dual blood supply from the hepatic portal vein and hepatic arteries. Supplying approximately 75% of the liver's blood supply, the hepatic portal vein carries venous blood drained from the spleen, gastrointestinal tract, and its associated organs.
  • - Not surprising to learn that liver is actually the second largest organ in the human body, the largest being out skin. Now you should certainly see the co-relations between your skin and your internal health conditions, it just makes sense you know.

As discussed above, you should be able to learn more on Liver elsewhere online or from other much more experienced individuals. What I have put down here are just the basics, all sourced online though. I can’t say for sure if they are with proof or without, for I can only be certain that what I have included up here are things that made sense with me and what I agreed based on my own experience with health and skin matters. Just hope to clarify at some point that all I am hoping for through my blog is to share and interact with other like-minded people and learn things together in a collaboration and fair manner. While I haven’t really got people to discuss with me yet, I hope it’ll happen sometime!

So moving on, to take care of your liver, it is beneficial to learn the below:

  • - Red beets; excellent blood purifier. Drink the juice.
  • - Dandelion; get dandelion roots and boil as teas, or find packaged good quality dandelion tea. Drink the tea.
  • - Warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. (I use this method myself, you can do this continuously for 3 days every morning before breakfast or 3 hours after your lunch. Be gentle on the lemon juice as too much acid can be hard on your stomach)
  • - Bitter greens. (I have personally hear from my aunt, who is a doctor, telling me that vegetables that are bitter in taste are good detoxifier in nature. One example is bitter gourd, however I suggest you to pair it, lightly stir fry with a small quantity of pork or chicken as bitter gourd is known to be a “cooling” food. If you are a vegetarian, lightly fry then with garlic/ginger/onions.)

Or, if you already have fairly good skin and you just hope to take preventive measures to maintain your current skin condition, simply drink plenty (1 L – 2 Ls) of water every day.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Make up base: BRTC Blemish Balm

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts before, I am in the process of limiting my dependency on cosmetic products to only the very few products that I feel is necessary to me. Therefore, a good base is what I find helpful when I wanted to even out my skin tone and have some basic protection against UV rays from time to time. However I try to keep it at a minimum.
Some of the brands that I have tried for base (foundations, compact powder, etc.) include, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Ettusias, Shiseido, Dr. Jart, BRTC, Missha, Maybelline and L’oreal.
Let’s first talk about the BRTC Blemish Balm that I am currently using, and its good and bad (in point form, below):
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(yes i consider getting a new camera)
· Right colour tone for me (I’m relatively fair)
· Stay put for a good 5-6 hours on a summer day (if you’re working in an air-conditioned environment)
· No artificial fragrance added
· Doesn’t feel oily (the Balm feels kind of a gel-type than lotion texture)
· Tendency of congesting my pores
· Lots of chemical ingredients are added to produce the Balm
That’s basically it, the good outweighs the bad. Overall not bad, my only bone to pick would be that fact that it clogs my pores. But it might also be the problem of my own skin, I don't know yet since majority of the brands that I have tried gives me similar problem. With L’oreal’s Truematch and compact powders being the worst. I think maybe I shall have to find other alternatives then.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oxidative Stress and its effect on us

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting topic on Oxidative Stress. I shall copy and paste the information here so you can have a better understanding on the subject matter:

“In the cytoplasm of the 60 trillion cells in your body, there are in each cell hundreds of mitochondria, organelles that take the food you eat and the oxygen you breath and produce the energy your body must have (ATP). Mitochondria have their own DNA distinct from nuclear DNA, and damage to mitochondrial DNA may be a major cause of aging. As oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis produce ATP, the mitochondria use an electron transport chain. This process is imperfect and results in charged particles, atoms or molecules that have an unpaired electron in the outer ring. These dangerous free radicals include reactive oxygen species, such as hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl and superoxide, as well as reactive nitrogen species. Because they are charged they are highly reactive and can damage lipids and cell membranes, proteins and enzymes and DNA. The great majority of free radicals are generated in the mitochondria but there are many other processes that can generate them.

To defuse these dangerous free radicals, the body has built in defense mechanisms, including endogenous anti-oxidants superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione. In addition our diet is an important source of antioxidants to counter free radicals. There are thousands of antioxidants, and fruits and vegetable are loaded with them (Diet: CRON). Most of the time our endogenous and dietary antioxidants combined can control the free radicals and minimize any damage.”

So it only makes more sense that diet is crucial to ones’ health and skin condition. It is sometimes very difficult to keep up with your goals and have enough discipline to make sure you’re following the most beneficial diet you have created for yourself. While it’s alright to play cheat once in a while, I think it requires much self-discipline and correction overtime to stick with a standard diet that you have created for yourself eventually.

For instance, I dined out at a Chinese restaurant today and I made a mistake of stuffing myself to full. It is an act absolutely discouraged because I have learnt that it is considered toxic to your body if you eat a 100% full meal, or in other words, feeling a 100% full after your meal is not recommended to anyone who wishes to be healthy.

So I have made a mistake, perhaps it is a good thing to have a blog and keep myself reminded of the process and mistakes I will or shall make throughout the period.

Credit: here

Monday, November 21, 2011

My own methods and tips to avoid acne breakouts

I'm listing them down in numbers form below, hope you guys find it helpful!

  1. drink lots of water every single day, force yourself to drink half a cup of water every half an hour or at least every 45 mins. It shows after you have constantly do it for just 3 to 4 days from my own experience. Your face will begin to clear up. It's not difficult, have some discipline.
  2. do not leave your make-up on overnight! I did it once and I have totally regretted it. The very next day my skin broke out! And I got this gigantic inflamed pimple right beside my nose. Don't do it!
  3. I have said it and I will say it again. Put in effort and take care of you personal diet and skin care habits. For some, as I have experienced, might react to certain food and for some, it doesn't. So take the time to find out what works for you and what doesn't. At the same time, take note how you might react to certain food and if they break you out or not, and avoid them, or at least cut down on the amount you take in.
  4. cleanse your skin well if you put on make-up products. Use a make-up remover (Cleansing oil, Cleansing Milk, or wipes) and cleanse again using a mild and gentle foam cleanser. Some people might actually tell you to avoid using foaming cleanser, but ultimately I feel that it's better knowing what works for you. So try and experience, everybody is different and the only way to find out is by experiementing.
So that is basically it. I have found out that the best way to avoid break out is by taking care of your diet. For instance, I break out every single time I eat almonds or drink more than perhaps 1/3 a cup of milk. Hope these information has helped you in some ways.