Monday, December 12, 2011

Diet & Dieting & Detoxification

Personally, I don’t encourage long term fasting methods as a form of detoxification, including juice fasting or simply fasting and not eating anything at all. Anything too extreme is not going to be sound for our bodies. For me, I have a different understanding of detoxification and dieting. Neither one should mislead you to thinking that stop eating food nor will consume help to eliminate toxins out of your body effectively. Note that your body works in sync with the energy sources that you provide it, in this case, food that we eat. Thus I do not see how extreme fasting can benefit out bodies in any way. What I believe is to eliminate the horrible kinds of food that we are tricked into eating these days and avoid consuming them to reduce contaminations/build ups in our body. And this should be long term, not just a 3 days or week thingy.

Below is a shopping list that I have created, most of the time I do my grocery shopping 2 times a week, and I have cut down on red meat consumption, remembered I refrained from eating red meat for almost 3 months and got back to eating them once in a long while because the more I read, the more I believed that moderation is the key to finding a balance for your diet and health.

  • - Peppermint tea; Dandelion roots tea; Green tea
  • - Bitter greens
  • - Chinese cabbage & lettuce
  • - Roots vegetable; beetroot & carrot
  • - Grains; brown rice, green & red beans
  • - Sea vegetables
  • - Fish (sea/river), poultry & red meat (moderately)

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