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Celebs that still looks good without make-up

Sometimes, I just love looking at fresh, sans make-up faces of beautiful women.

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(left to right)

Toner: First up, your initial reaction would be, they must be plain water because they are scentless, colorless and almost, appeared like water. But they are a little stickier than plain water and they make good DIY sheet mask! I love them because it's in such generous amount and works great on my extremely sensitive skin.

Moisturising Essence: I went back to shanghai during winter last yeat and this thing saved me. However, I would like to add that it might not worked for those with dry skin as it is not rich enough for dry skins I would say. Plus, my mom's skin was peeling from the harsh weather condition at that time so I gave her this but it did not worked on her. -.- (she has mature skin and uses brands like Estee Lauder, ROC etc so perhaps that's the reason this mild essence just have absolutely no effect on her)

Moisturising Milk: Good for basic moistursing as I feel it does not do much for my skin.

Cleasning oil: A little bit difficult to blend (when applying on to the skin) and a little bit drying for me (after rinsing away with water).


I've got an award from DEAR LINH~ Thank you sooo much linh!! I'm so happy right now because I'm actually receiving an award from a blogger that I seriously love~ You guys should check out her blog, but don't blame me if you encounter trouble leaving her blog because she puts up the nicest music ever! I always get hooked listening to them.

^.^ And I'm going to nominate all you lovelies once I've got the time, although I think everyone deserves it~

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Model's beauty tips!

Anna Sharapova, tennis star and model: ''I swear by regular exfoliation to keep my skin smooth and glowing and to stay really healthy I have at least eight hours sleep, drink plenty of water and follow a well-balanced diet that is rich in carbohydrates and protein. My three unbreakable rules to keep me looking my best? Plenty of sleep, lots of yoga and playing tennis in the fresh air. And of course I swear by Palmolive deodorants which keep my skin soft but give me total confidence when I'm playing.''

Carolyn Murphy, supermodel: ''My mother always said I should take Omega 3 tablets and she looks fantastic now, with completely flawless skin, so I took her advice. They aren't very glamorous but they are full of essential fatty acids and nutrients. I also take calcium and magnesium tablets to keep my skin really healthy. But if there is one product I can't live without it is Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. It really invigorates your skin overnight. I also drink pints and pints of water.''

Supermodel Cindy Crawford: ''I wish I could say I relied on one of the old wives' tales to look good. But I don't use raw eggs in my hair or cucumbers on my eyes or anything nearly as interesting. I'm afraid it's just the good, old-fashioned tactics. I sleep a lot, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, eat healthily and do plenty of exercise. It's all remarkably boring, but it's all true. If you just live the perfect life for one week you feel - and see - the benefits immediately.''

Supermodel Elle Macpherson: ''One of the most important secrets of looking your best is to get the right hair colour. The tone of your highlights can really make a difference to your skin tone. Josh at Real, in Chelsea, does my hair. My other trade tips are that you need lots of water and lots of laughter: you should nourish the inside as much as the outside.''
Real, 6-8 Cale Street, SW3. 020 7589 0877.

Supermodel Erin O'Connor: ''If I'm ever feeling low, red lipstick is the best pick-me-up ever. It makes you feel on top of the world. I read somewhere that it's really good for you to have a pint of water before bed every night and first thing in the morning, so I try to do that every day. It gets easier once you get used to it and it must be good for the skin. If in doubt, pile on masses of moisturiser before going to sleep - you feel horrible and sticky but it looks great the next day.''

Supermodel Helena Christensen: ''I feel at my best when I avoid alcohol and smoking and generally party as little as possible. I try to get to bed early as often as I can and I try to only eat vegetables. Clean living is really the only way to look good - which makes it pretty hard work. When I do lapse - because you can't be good all the time - I just drink plenty of water and take exercise to get myself back in shape. It's nothing you haven't heard before but discipline is the only thing I can rely on to look my best.''

Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler: ''Sleep is always my top beauty tip. I look and feel so much better after a couple of early nights - preferably with a bit of pampering thrown in. I swear by Dr Hauschka products if I've had a few late nights. The exfoliating mask is brilliant for making your skin really glowing and soft. I always try to use it before a shoot - it makes me feel really new.''
Her boyfriend, Mario Testino's assistant Alexi Lubromirski, will hear none of it, however. ''She always looks gorgeous,'' he says. ''She doesn't need any help.''

Supermodel Jade Parfitt: ''I always try to drink green tea before I go out partying. I know it's warped logic, but I'm convinced it prepares your body to flush out all the bad toxins the following morning. I also take a multi-vitamin every night before I go to sleep, no matter what I've been doing. I've done it for years and I really believe it does me good.''

Supermodel Jasmine Guinness: ''I really, really love YSL lipsticks. They give the best, thickest slick of colour ever and it makes me want to kiss everybody! I use YSL Touch Eclat everyday too and I love Rimmel Eye and Lip Ink Pots. They last for hours and they come in lovely colours for daytime or evening. My secret potion is a South American face oil called Rose Moscketa. It's wonderful because you can use it as a night cream but it's also brilliant on cuts and bruises. You can find it in most good health food shops.''

Karen Elson, supermodel: ''My hair is not naturally red, it's more of a mousy strawberry blonde. I first dyed it when I was 16. I wanted it to be bright red but it came out like Ziggy Stardust. I washed it about 20 times but it wouldn't come out and I had to go to school with it. I often still dye it myself using Clairol hair dye [try Nice'n Easy in Light Auburn, £4.30]. Berocca vitamin tablets get me through the early mornings and long schedules of the shows and Crème de la Mer [80], is the only moisturiser that soothes and doesn't irritate my skin. It's especially great after the shows, when I've had make-up applied and removed 10 times a day.''

Leah Wood, model and singer: ''I don't have any real secret potion that I stick to. I love trying out new products and I love having a proper pampering night in, with cucumber slices on my eyes - the works. If you can take time out to really relax - exfoliate, moisturise and lie in a gorgeous-smelling bath with plenty of scented candles - you always feel like a goddess the next day.''

Liberty Ross, supermodel: ''I never go anywhere without my Dior Maximeyes mascara and my Dior Addict perfume. Other beauty essentials I always have are the Shu Uemura cleanser and the Never a Dull Moment exfoliator from Origins. I'm obsessed with skin and really try to look after mine well, so I love trying out new products. But the main thing is to have lots and lots of sleep. I am really strict about drinking gallons of water and I eat healthily too - but I eat a lot. Dieting isn't for me at all - it would make me ill. The most important thing to stay beautiful is to lead a healthy lifestyle - it's really basic but it's true.''

Supermodel Lily Cole: ''I know I should have cultivated a few beauty secrets by now but I have so much stuff plastered all over my skin all the time I just hope it turns out alright when I wash it off. I'm always being told to get lots of sleep, take all my make-up off before bed and drink lots of water but I don't manage to stick to the rules all the time. When I'm at home I use Dermalogica products on my face. That seems to work.''

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Supermodel's beauty tips~

(I missed out her name, anybody know who she is?)

Grooming HAIR: when my hair is wrecked after the shows, Phytologie Phito 7 puts the moisture back in. A hairdresser also recommended Lancome Hair Sensation Nutrition Intense, which is a miracle. I want to grow my hair long, so at the moment I cut it myself so I know how much is coming off!

ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: Christian Dior Ultimeyes Mascara

PET HATE: Profeccionals always over-pluck my my eyebrows, so I do them myself. I use Tweezerman tweezers. Scincare regime

DAILY ROUTINE: Lancome's products are perfect for my sensitive skin. I use Bi-facil Instant Cleanser for eyes, and Hydra Zen moisturiser for day, with Hydra Zen Nuit at night.

ENERGENCY PRODUCT: I get really dry lips. Kenzoki Sensuel Sweet and Smooth Duo is an amazing lip scrub and moisturiser.

BEST TIP: Never, ever touch your spots. I always leave them and they just go.

FACIAL: I visit facialist Anne Semonin in Paris; also in London at Claridge's . Sje really cleans my skin after all the make-up from the shows. Holiday must-haves

IN HER HAND LUGGAGE: A water spray, hand cream, wooly socks and a book. I am currently reading a novel by Russian author Daria Dontsova.

ON THE BEACH: Dior Bronze suncream SPF15 - I always wear factor 15 or above. Health

HEALTH: I take vitamin C every morning.

FITNESS: Unlike most models, I don't like yoga. Instead, I have a step machine at home and when I'm away, I hit the hotel gym.


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I'm going to upload a large amount of Japanese magazine scans!!!


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Japanese Magazine Scans Inspirations

Haha, felt a little bored...

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I am using canmake's gel eyeliner, Bourjous black eyeshadow and Fasio pencil eyeliner altogether~

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Beauty Tips Time!!!

Here we go~

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Miranda Kerr, model

“Pop icy cold cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes to rejuvenate before applying make-up.”

Hilary Rhoda, model

“I like to contour my cheeks and eyes with Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer. I learned from watching a top make-up artist at a show, and now when I do my make-up I can’t do it any other way. I put a bronzer on the shallow of my cheeks and then a highlighter on my cheekbones, down to the bridge of my nose, and the bone right under my eyebrows. It really defines my face.”

Nicole Trunfio, model

“A glow is always great on the skin – I like M.A.C Strobe Cream. And I like Tom Ford’s new fragrance Azurée Soleil for the summer.”

Erin Wasson, model

“My make-up is always done for me, so when I’m on my own I need a fuss-free product such as Maybelline NY’s Dream Mousse Bronzer. Dabbing any shimmery shade on my cheekbones and eyelids gives me an express makeover.”

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Mineral Foundation: Revlon Colorstay

In short, I hate the brush but loves the powder. Only if it can be a shade lighter, I've already got the lightest shade but it still look a wee bit dark on me.

Retails @ $18.90? (or $19.90)?? ah i'm not sure but it's definitely around that range~

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Japanese Magazine Scans: JJ/Jhelly/ViVi

WOW~ Look at her make up!

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