Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mineral Foundation: Revlon Colorstay

In short, I hate the brush but loves the powder. Only if it can be a shade lighter, I've already got the lightest shade but it still look a wee bit dark on me.

Retails @ $18.90? (or $19.90)?? ah i'm not sure but it's definitely around that range~

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kuri♥ayu said...

I've never tried this one but I love mineral foundations. It's always hard for me to find my shade though :( I'm currently in the search for a new foundation!

Alex said...

It seems this will always be a problem for us girls...give yourself a bit more time and you'll definitely find one that suits you! Or just go to M.A.C, i know so much hype but it's a professional makeup line and I guess the makeup artist will be able to help you with finding the correct foundation shades! Afterwards you can always refer to your M.A.C color shade and try out other brands~