Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About Farting

Okay, this is totally random. But are you aware that a healthy person should fart an average of 10 times a day? If you're farting too much then probably there's problems with your digestive system. Or, it could be your diet that caused you to fart more. Foods such as beans, carbohydrates rich food can cause that. Just an interesting fact. Take note =)

Health Tips

- Do not consume bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contains toxic chemicals that can be fatal to human health.
- Avoid eating Bean curd and scallions at the same time. Having these two foods together can interfere calcium absorption. (Note: muscle cramp is a sign of calcium deficiency)
- Avoid eating chestnut/potato and meat together. Consuming both at the same time can disrupt digestion. Always peel potato/tapioca/water chestnut, remove skins. (toxic buildup)
- Give a 2 hours interval for fruits consumption after having seafood as your meal.
- Red dates (Tibet) + warm water. Good for liver.
- Green tea (Liang), to relieve internal heat.
- Oolong tea (Ping), quench thirst.
- Black tea (Wen), relieve cold.
- Drink red wine when consuming meat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Foods that I'm sensitive to

I have found out a list of foods that I should probably avoid eating for now. They are:

- wheat, barley (basically food that contains gluten)
- milk
- pineapples and kiwi fruit
- almonds

Very fortunately I am able to consume cheese without much trouble. But I guess no more pasta and all kinds of lovely bread for me at least for awhile. Until I feel much better that is.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting a variety of Vitamins & Nutrients in your diet

One way to start putting more effort in your diet is to take care of it. By keeping a journal on what you consume everyday will be an appropriate way to keep track of the foods that you eat.

To start anew your diet, an effective way is to pen down a list of your consumes daily, for instance, I had:

  • Breakfast: brown walnut toast with butter and sugar; honey lime water; an egg
  • Lunch: (eat out) stir-fried rice vermicelli; mixture of chicken and duck meat in small portion; cabbage; potato; bell peppers; shrimp & cuttlefish in small portion
  • Dinner: (haven't had my dinner yet, but most probably will be these) calrose rice; mixture of meat or fish in small portion; veggies
  • Dessert: any of the following choices; fruits, red/green bean or other asian sweet soup; organic soymilk (warm)

As you have observed I try to eat more varieties in small portions, I'm still experimenting with it and I'm not certain to say if doing so has help tremedously for my body and health. I'm trying to see if it works better for my digestion and energy level. Anything else I'll keep the blog post updated.

What I try to do is to list down whatever I have eaten for the day and plan accordingly for the next few days or so in order to make sure I eat a balance diet. Vitamins and nutrients work hand in hand with each other for maximum function and absorption. It is extremely important for one to understand this point because for some people, it is easy to think that they are eating healthy when they are not because there might be a tendency we concentrate too much certain foods and the nutrients are not fully utilised in the best way possible.

Food items like fish, chicken, pork, egg, rice, green veggies are some of the staples of my food plate. Often, from time to time, I'll make sure I get to consume some butter, kelps, nuts and all other kinds of vegetables and fruits as long as I find them in my grocery stores.

A bad habit that I've kicked off was getting over chocolates and other sweet confectionaries over the past few months. I used to have had them after every single meal in a day. Kinder Bruneo, Ferrero rocher noir, lindt/godiva/green&black's dark chocolates... and the list could go on, I go crazy on chocolates and eat them whenever I find them. I acted like a drug addict then, really.

So now I do not eat fast food anymore than I do for the previous year- maybe once a month. But at the moment unless I have an incredible strong urge to eat KFC, I do not step into a fast food joint. I try very hard not to even for the times I really think of eating KFC. It's one of my weakness I admit.

In the meantime, I am still working on my fondness for my likeness of vanilla ice-cream and the ice-cream from TWG. I think about them now as I write. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Discussion on Butter

Most would have probably been told to avoid all dairy products
from their diet. I have heard how people complaint about dairy as a phlegm
forming foods and we should cut down our intake of dairy as much as possible.

However, I would be honest and admit that I am a huge fan of
butter and I really look forward to eating butter with bread in the mornings as
my breakfast. So naturally I have to look into it and read up about how truly unhealthy
butter is and if it is really that unhealthy to begin with (as some claim).

Below is some of the information that I have gathered:

- Butter consists of mainly butterfat, milk protein and water.
- The saturated fatty acids of butterfat are Palmitic acid, Myristic
acid, Stearic acid and traces of Pentadecanoic acid and Heptadecanoic acid.
-The unsaturated fatty acids are Oleic acid, Palmitoleic acid,
Linoleic acid and Linolenic acid.
-Clarified butter is butter with almost all of its water and milk solids removed, leaving
almost-pure butterfat. Known as Ghee.
-Rich in vitamin A- necessary for thyroid, adrenal health and good
eye vision.
-It is a source of Vitamin K2- for treating arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth
decay, tuberculosis, emphysema and asthma.
-Butter helps to protect from gastrointestinal infections.
-The fat enables body to absorb minerals, as it is a source of
Activator X.

As I have also heard, human breast milk contains more than 33%
fats (mostly saturated fats). Perhaps this will make it clear that fats are not
necessarily a bad thing? The key is (really) moderation.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I feel resolution shouldn’t only start for a new year, if anytime we think it’s time for change, we should just start making the changes. Slowly, gradually, for all changes are probably uncomfortable and hard to stick to in the beginning right? But then if we really wanted to, nobody can stop us. Err, yeah just want to put things in perspective, just saying.

So, It’s only 2 days away from 2012, they say it’s the end of the world, didn’t notice much warning signs but however, the weather’s been definitely weird recently. Bangkok (a country that only used to have summer all year round), now temperature there drops to a whopping 15 degree Celsius. It’s crazy. And perhaps good wake-up-call for people around the world to do their part and care for the environment slightly more than they used to. Anyone with a right mind would know that the earth can’t sustain if humans go on living a lavish like that, like now. I really hope for the better in 2012 and that people will begin to cherish, care, love and share more for others. And just so you know, I’m pro-OWS.

That aside I’m here to speak about my New Year’s Diet resolution, I’m feeling myself getting more discipline, but it really suckk to live in a place where others care nuts about how they prepare their food and then selling it to you. They use the lowest quality materials and ingredients, put in a zero effort into their hygiene practices, do not care if the food that they served you warm on the table has actually been lying cold in the kitchen for more than 4 hours. Thanks to microwave. Really, eating out is sometimes a chore, and more so a chore when we all have to eat out due to our unspeakable limitations. Like a job or something like that. Sooo looking forward to change that! Next year! I so hope!

Some rules for me to stick to:

1. No cakes, no ice-cream, no desert, no commercially-attractive goods or rubbish of any kind

2. Limit sugar intake, I’M SERIOUS

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Eat 70% to 80% cooked vegetables (varieties) as often as possible

5. Eat meat, once daily

6. Get used to the original taste of meat and vegetables

7. Get a pair of running shoes

8. Start dancing

9. Go to bed before 12.30am

10. Love myself! (it’s important, cause if you are narcissistic chances are that you will do ANYTHING to look after yourself)

I will stick to it I will stick to it. I will stick to it. I will stick to it. And repeating that for the rest of the day until I’m able to successfully program that in my brain.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Avoiding Genetically modified food

I know there has been no proven links that GM food are bad for us or carcinogenic, however sometimes I think it’s best to trust your gut and follow your instincts if something is right or not. For a big part in life anyway I don’t feel that all things need to be proven in order for it to a fact, of course depending on what you believed in that is. I am just hoping that I can share some useful information here so that lesser people will tell me that “oh, I know about GM food, they’re not good, but what can you do? Everything has corn/maize products nowadays” or simply by saying “ haha you can’t avoid it or fight it, what can you alone do to make a difference?” well I’d say if we all just stop settling in and start doing what we really should be doing, then nothing is impossible. I’ve always believed, if only everybody demanded peace instead of another television set, then they’ll be peace.

Moving along, read below to avoid causing further harm to your body and health. I mean, there must be a relation to the ever growing sick/unhealthy population compare to the conditions of our fellow people in the past right? Aside from the increasingly radiation exposure that we are facing in our daily lives and the environmental pollution, it’s just impossible not to think about the correlation that food has a major impact on our body and health.

• Corn flour, meal, oil, starch, gluten, and syrup
• Sweeteners such as fructose, dextrose, and glucose
• Modified food starch

• Soy flour, lecithin, protein, isolate, and isoflavone
• Vegetable oil and vegetable protein

• Canola oil (also called rapeseed oil)

• Cottonseed oil

• Unless 100% cane sugar or evaporated cane sugar, sugar may be produced from sugar beets which may be genetically engineered

Monday, December 12, 2011

Diet & Dieting & Detoxification

Personally, I don’t encourage long term fasting methods as a form of detoxification, including juice fasting or simply fasting and not eating anything at all. Anything too extreme is not going to be sound for our bodies. For me, I have a different understanding of detoxification and dieting. Neither one should mislead you to thinking that stop eating food nor will consume help to eliminate toxins out of your body effectively. Note that your body works in sync with the energy sources that you provide it, in this case, food that we eat. Thus I do not see how extreme fasting can benefit out bodies in any way. What I believe is to eliminate the horrible kinds of food that we are tricked into eating these days and avoid consuming them to reduce contaminations/build ups in our body. And this should be long term, not just a 3 days or week thingy.

Below is a shopping list that I have created, most of the time I do my grocery shopping 2 times a week, and I have cut down on red meat consumption, remembered I refrained from eating red meat for almost 3 months and got back to eating them once in a long while because the more I read, the more I believed that moderation is the key to finding a balance for your diet and health.

  • - Peppermint tea; Dandelion roots tea; Green tea
  • - Bitter greens
  • - Chinese cabbage & lettuce
  • - Roots vegetable; beetroot & carrot
  • - Grains; brown rice, green & red beans
  • - Sea vegetables
  • - Fish (sea/river), poultry & red meat (moderately)

Liver & Skin Health

Liver & Skin Health

It is important that you liver is functioning properly in order for yourself to be less prone to occasional breakouts and even help to prevent other health problems later in life.

What I have learnt is that the Liver, being the crucial organ in our body for detoxification, protein synthesis and production of biochemical necessary for digestion also produces bile, an alkaline compound which is important for digestion via the emulsification of lipids. These are all essential for the proper expelling of toxins and waste products that we bring into our body every single day.

Thus, I feel right to say that if our Liver is functioning well, we will experience fewer breakouts, notwithstanding the fact that organs works hand in hand with each other to produce an optimum effect on our skin and health. I shall discuss about other organs in the coming posts. For now, I will focus on Liver first.

On Liver:

  • - The liver gets a dual blood supply from the hepatic portal vein and hepatic arteries. Supplying approximately 75% of the liver's blood supply, the hepatic portal vein carries venous blood drained from the spleen, gastrointestinal tract, and its associated organs.
  • - Not surprising to learn that liver is actually the second largest organ in the human body, the largest being out skin. Now you should certainly see the co-relations between your skin and your internal health conditions, it just makes sense you know.

As discussed above, you should be able to learn more on Liver elsewhere online or from other much more experienced individuals. What I have put down here are just the basics, all sourced online though. I can’t say for sure if they are with proof or without, for I can only be certain that what I have included up here are things that made sense with me and what I agreed based on my own experience with health and skin matters. Just hope to clarify at some point that all I am hoping for through my blog is to share and interact with other like-minded people and learn things together in a collaboration and fair manner. While I haven’t really got people to discuss with me yet, I hope it’ll happen sometime!

So moving on, to take care of your liver, it is beneficial to learn the below:

  • - Red beets; excellent blood purifier. Drink the juice.
  • - Dandelion; get dandelion roots and boil as teas, or find packaged good quality dandelion tea. Drink the tea.
  • - Warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. (I use this method myself, you can do this continuously for 3 days every morning before breakfast or 3 hours after your lunch. Be gentle on the lemon juice as too much acid can be hard on your stomach)
  • - Bitter greens. (I have personally hear from my aunt, who is a doctor, telling me that vegetables that are bitter in taste are good detoxifier in nature. One example is bitter gourd, however I suggest you to pair it, lightly stir fry with a small quantity of pork or chicken as bitter gourd is known to be a “cooling” food. If you are a vegetarian, lightly fry then with garlic/ginger/onions.)

Or, if you already have fairly good skin and you just hope to take preventive measures to maintain your current skin condition, simply drink plenty (1 L – 2 Ls) of water every day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout

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A good mascara for me has to be water resistant and yet easy to remove. Usually I’m pretty reluctant to use waterproof mascara since it takes much more time and effort for me to remove and they’re usually consider a pain when I see my eyelashes coming off along with the cotton that I use to wipe off my mascaras. I read about how easy it is to remove figerwig mascara using plain water and I decided to make my purchase to try it out. Plus I read raves about how it might be an excellent base to lengthen your lashes before you put on some other kinds of mascara to create more volume for your lashes.


  • - Light, watery


  • - Black, like your usual black for mascara


  • - As you can tell from the picture (gah 0_o the messy hair and the lack of focus, apologies much!), with one application (several strokes) and I thought it didn’t really deliver the result as I had expected. Perhaps I will try to add on to the applications and see if I can achieve some really desirable effects for this mascara. Sometimes you just need to get familiar with a product to realise the benefits of it.
  • - Does not weigh down you lashes
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