Monday, November 9, 2009

Celebs that still looks good without make-up

Sometimes, I just love looking at fresh, sans make-up faces of beautiful women.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


(left to right)

Toner: First up, your initial reaction would be, they must be plain water because they are scentless, colorless and almost, appeared like water. But they are a little stickier than plain water and they make good DIY sheet mask! I love them because it's in such generous amount and works great on my extremely sensitive skin.

Moisturising Essence: I went back to shanghai during winter last yeat and this thing saved me. However, I would like to add that it might not worked for those with dry skin as it is not rich enough for dry skins I would say. Plus, my mom's skin was peeling from the harsh weather condition at that time so I gave her this but it did not worked on her. -.- (she has mature skin and uses brands like Estee Lauder, ROC etc so perhaps that's the reason this mild essence just have absolutely no effect on her)

Moisturising Milk: Good for basic moistursing as I feel it does not do much for my skin.

Cleasning oil: A little bit difficult to blend (when applying on to the skin) and a little bit drying for me (after rinsing away with water).


I've got an award from DEAR LINH~ Thank you sooo much linh!! I'm so happy right now because I'm actually receiving an award from a blogger that I seriously love~ You guys should check out her blog, but don't blame me if you encounter trouble leaving her blog because she puts up the nicest music ever! I always get hooked listening to them.

^.^ And I'm going to nominate all you lovelies once I've got the time, although I think everyone deserves it~