Monday, October 12, 2009

Supermodel's beauty tips~

(I missed out her name, anybody know who she is?)

Grooming HAIR: when my hair is wrecked after the shows, Phytologie Phito 7 puts the moisture back in. A hairdresser also recommended Lancome Hair Sensation Nutrition Intense, which is a miracle. I want to grow my hair long, so at the moment I cut it myself so I know how much is coming off!

ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: Christian Dior Ultimeyes Mascara

PET HATE: Profeccionals always over-pluck my my eyebrows, so I do them myself. I use Tweezerman tweezers. Scincare regime

DAILY ROUTINE: Lancome's products are perfect for my sensitive skin. I use Bi-facil Instant Cleanser for eyes, and Hydra Zen moisturiser for day, with Hydra Zen Nuit at night.

ENERGENCY PRODUCT: I get really dry lips. Kenzoki Sensuel Sweet and Smooth Duo is an amazing lip scrub and moisturiser.

BEST TIP: Never, ever touch your spots. I always leave them and they just go.

FACIAL: I visit facialist Anne Semonin in Paris; also in London at Claridge's . Sje really cleans my skin after all the make-up from the shows. Holiday must-haves

IN HER HAND LUGGAGE: A water spray, hand cream, wooly socks and a book. I am currently reading a novel by Russian author Daria Dontsova.

ON THE BEACH: Dior Bronze suncream SPF15 - I always wear factor 15 or above. Health

HEALTH: I take vitamin C every morning.

FITNESS: Unlike most models, I don't like yoga. Instead, I have a step machine at home and when I'm away, I hit the hotel gym.



Blovet Beauty said...

i like her tip on not taking a vit C every morning. keeps us healthy and helps our skin !

kuri♥ayu said...

thanks again for all the tips :)

Alex said...

Speaking of which, Once I took vit c tablets 3 times a day for like almost 2 months and my skin's brightness level did increase. However, I stop taking due to laziness and yeah... you guessed it, back to square one.

Alex said...