Monday, September 21, 2009

Kesalan Pantharan Micro Sheer Powder

Lets talk about one of my favourite cosmetic brand. I agree the prices for KP's products are a little steep but if you would rather not waste money to try so many products before deciding on one, this is definitely the brand to choose.

This powder will go great with it's liquid foundation, it light, matt and doesn't float when your skin starts producing oil, I am a big fan of their bases, foundations and lipglosses. The have awesome lipglosses that are fragrances free, non-sticky (but moisturizing) and long lasting! Those who detest lipglossed that makes you feel like you're having a hundred coats of sticky flims on your lips will love their glosses. I guarantee.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I have this too! XD (But I haven't used mine yet...) It's such a pity they closed their counter in Singapore. D: I haven't tried their other base products, but now I'm a little curious. :P