Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Estee Lauder Night Repair & Eye Repair

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Both of these are huge! In terms of price and popularity...

Well they are not mine, but my mum's. I borrowed it from her, anyway it's not the first time I did so, using her stuffs :p

I would recommend these two products for emergency use, not everyday as I feel that they might be too strong for young skin (I'm early early 20s by the way) as they contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. I have very fair and sensitive skin so I was like super nervous when I am applying the night repair one night and it turned out fine, very luckily. And the next morning your skin really looks more refine (as in pores are smaller) visually. I've ised the eye repair too on another day, it's alright... good.

Review: I'm still not quite sure about it as I've only used them one time. And I still hold true to my believe, night repair can't be a product to be use everyday. It's more of a treatment than daily skincare. Same goes for the eyec repair.

Price wise, if you're as thrifty as me, (who wouldn't really folk out $100++ dollars for the product). Tips is steal it from your mom. lol

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putilaupase said...

haha.. Estee Lauder is quite pricey..but the quality is great..^^ I love their perfume, though..(My dad bought me that, hehe)
Btw, I love your blog, Alex! ^^
Keep on beauty blogging..

Alex said...

Thank you!

haha you have so many different blogs i don't know where to go...