Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

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After several layers of application, and the best part is it doesn't weigh down your lashes! Talk about "lifting!!"
Finally, I won't be touching MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara anymore, it just weigh down my lashes to no end.



Jian said...

Wow. You're right, talk about lifting! Looks really long and pretty too! Although I suppose you probably had longer eyelashes than me to start with, you lucky girl xD

kuri♥ayu said...

wow your lashes look so long! thanks for the review :)

Blair said...

ooo la la! lifting indeed!!!

Zoe said...

Thanks forthe review, I love reading about mascaras..ur lashes look so long and pretty^^I haven't tried any Estee mascaras before but this one looks really good..

Kyoko is my makeup inspiration too..

Tracy said...

Your lashes look so long already without mascara!

Mischievous Mack said...

Ooo Nice. Sounds cool.

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