Monday, September 7, 2009

Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask

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This is one good product that I want to share with you guys (I've spend so much more on skincare than cosmetics, you know if your skin is healthy, you'll look good whether you have make up or not), I've almost done with it and each time after applying this mask, you can always be sure to wake up to a better complexion next day.

So now on to the review. Sorry that didn't get a chance to open up the cap to show you guys the interior, FYI it's a thick light-mint-greenish-kind-of-paste and feels rather cooling upon application. After which when you're done waiting for 15 mins, you'll find it hard to wash it off. Use a sponge, I say. And you'll too notice the mask will leave a thin residue on your skin, it's alright, don't have to wash the residue away, just cleanse it with your toner and then follow by moisturizers will do.

Alright, cutting the crap, you can find more information on MB's offical website and it's soooo much cheaper ordering it online. Or alternatively, you can get it @ Sephora, but yup more costly in sg.


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