Thursday, September 10, 2009


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My favorite amongst them is KATE. You can draw any shape with it, it's so easy to use! All you have to do is simply layer and layer until you have build up the color (which is its only downside, the black is not black enough) and your eyeline's shape.

Additional info on KATE: cost around $15.90 at the time when I bought it. Has a very slim and thin tip.

2nd place is Relvon, the color is intense and beautiful plus it's easy to remove and doesn't leaves a mark after you try to cleanse it away.

Additional info on Relvon: cost $16.90 @ your regular watsons and guardian drugstores. If you were to compare the tip for Relvon's liner, it's somewhere between KATE and CANMAKE. I would say not too thin and not too thick.

Well... not much to praise for the CANMAKE's eyeliner except it's really very black in color when you compare it with KATE's eyeliner. But it run out fast, so I probably very much wouldn't purchase it again.


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Shilka said...

My vote goes for Revlon - because it's not only good, but produced by a company that does not test on animals =]