Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clinique New No.2 Clarifying Toner & Shiseido Brightening Facial Cleanser

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I feel the need to speak up over the controversies about Clinique’s No. 2 toner/lotion, what I understand is there are two different No.2 toner/lotion, the old one which is known to be the purple coloured one (is the one that contains alcohol!). Not the new Clinique’s No.2 toner/lotion (which is the one in my picture).

Difference: (with alcohol) purple bottle, No.2 clarifying lotion
(without) blue bottle, No.2 clarifying moisture lotion

So now, verdict, the new No.2 lotion is good! Go get it. I have personally used up to the 4th bottle already. No lying.

As for shiseido's cleanser, I've yet to use it before my mom snatches it away, she commented it's not bad...well... depends on you as of whether how you want to interpret it.

Hope you find it useful,

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