Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About Farting

Okay, this is totally random. But are you aware that a healthy person should fart an average of 10 times a day? If you're farting too much then probably there's problems with your digestive system. Or, it could be your diet that caused you to fart more. Foods such as beans, carbohydrates rich food can cause that. Just an interesting fact. Take note =)

Health Tips

- Do not consume bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contains toxic chemicals that can be fatal to human health.
- Avoid eating Bean curd and scallions at the same time. Having these two foods together can interfere calcium absorption. (Note: muscle cramp is a sign of calcium deficiency)
- Avoid eating chestnut/potato and meat together. Consuming both at the same time can disrupt digestion. Always peel potato/tapioca/water chestnut, remove skins. (toxic buildup)
- Give a 2 hours interval for fruits consumption after having seafood as your meal.
- Red dates (Tibet) + warm water. Good for liver.
- Green tea (Liang), to relieve internal heat.
- Oolong tea (Ping), quench thirst.
- Black tea (Wen), relieve cold.
- Drink red wine when consuming meat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Foods that I'm sensitive to

I have found out a list of foods that I should probably avoid eating for now. They are:

- wheat, barley (basically food that contains gluten)
- milk
- pineapples and kiwi fruit
- almonds

Very fortunately I am able to consume cheese without much trouble. But I guess no more pasta and all kinds of lovely bread for me at least for awhile. Until I feel much better that is.