Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Health Tips

- Do not consume bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contains toxic chemicals that can be fatal to human health.
- Avoid eating Bean curd and scallions at the same time. Having these two foods together can interfere calcium absorption. (Note: muscle cramp is a sign of calcium deficiency)
- Avoid eating chestnut/potato and meat together. Consuming both at the same time can disrupt digestion. Always peel potato/tapioca/water chestnut, remove skins. (toxic buildup)
- Give a 2 hours interval for fruits consumption after having seafood as your meal.
- Red dates (Tibet) + warm water. Good for liver.
- Green tea (Liang), to relieve internal heat.
- Oolong tea (Ping), quench thirst.
- Black tea (Wen), relieve cold.
- Drink red wine when consuming meat.

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