Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I feel resolution shouldn’t only start for a new year, if anytime we think it’s time for change, we should just start making the changes. Slowly, gradually, for all changes are probably uncomfortable and hard to stick to in the beginning right? But then if we really wanted to, nobody can stop us. Err, yeah just want to put things in perspective, just saying.

So, It’s only 2 days away from 2012, they say it’s the end of the world, didn’t notice much warning signs but however, the weather’s been definitely weird recently. Bangkok (a country that only used to have summer all year round), now temperature there drops to a whopping 15 degree Celsius. It’s crazy. And perhaps good wake-up-call for people around the world to do their part and care for the environment slightly more than they used to. Anyone with a right mind would know that the earth can’t sustain if humans go on living a lavish like that, like now. I really hope for the better in 2012 and that people will begin to cherish, care, love and share more for others. And just so you know, I’m pro-OWS.

That aside I’m here to speak about my New Year’s Diet resolution, I’m feeling myself getting more discipline, but it really suckk to live in a place where others care nuts about how they prepare their food and then selling it to you. They use the lowest quality materials and ingredients, put in a zero effort into their hygiene practices, do not care if the food that they served you warm on the table has actually been lying cold in the kitchen for more than 4 hours. Thanks to microwave. Really, eating out is sometimes a chore, and more so a chore when we all have to eat out due to our unspeakable limitations. Like a job or something like that. Sooo looking forward to change that! Next year! I so hope!

Some rules for me to stick to:

1. No cakes, no ice-cream, no desert, no commercially-attractive goods or rubbish of any kind

2. Limit sugar intake, I’M SERIOUS

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Eat 70% to 80% cooked vegetables (varieties) as often as possible

5. Eat meat, once daily

6. Get used to the original taste of meat and vegetables

7. Get a pair of running shoes

8. Start dancing

9. Go to bed before 12.30am

10. Love myself! (it’s important, cause if you are narcissistic chances are that you will do ANYTHING to look after yourself)

I will stick to it I will stick to it. I will stick to it. I will stick to it. And repeating that for the rest of the day until I’m able to successfully program that in my brain.

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