Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout

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A good mascara for me has to be water resistant and yet easy to remove. Usually I’m pretty reluctant to use waterproof mascara since it takes much more time and effort for me to remove and they’re usually consider a pain when I see my eyelashes coming off along with the cotton that I use to wipe off my mascaras. I read about how easy it is to remove figerwig mascara using plain water and I decided to make my purchase to try it out. Plus I read raves about how it might be an excellent base to lengthen your lashes before you put on some other kinds of mascara to create more volume for your lashes.


  • - Light, watery


  • - Black, like your usual black for mascara


  • - As you can tell from the picture (gah 0_o the messy hair and the lack of focus, apologies much!), with one application (several strokes) and I thought it didn’t really deliver the result as I had expected. Perhaps I will try to add on to the applications and see if I can achieve some really desirable effects for this mascara. Sometimes you just need to get familiar with a product to realise the benefits of it.
  • - Does not weigh down you lashes
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Girlie Blogger said...

Good to know. I don't like mascara that weighs too much either.