Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So after leaving this blog completely isolated for the longest time ever I’ve decided to come back and do something with it. I figured since I’ve gradually become more and more obsessed with the co-relations between health and food and beauty, it’s only natural for me to pen them down- findings, tips, information and such since I spend a huge amount of time learning the effects between food and health, not forgetting to mention I carry out test/experiments on myself as well, and I can definitely notice the difference that it makes.

That said, I’m not fanatical about cosmetics anymore, though I still use them. However, I have been cutting them down and I am in the midst of trying to eliminate unnecessary makeup products one at a time. My goal is be able to look good without having to depend on too many external products to help me achieve that.

For now, I am rather fixated with healthy eating habits and essential oils. I believe truly to the sentence that you are what you eat and that certainly reflects in your skin as well. Whereas I too believed that the practise of using essential oil will also help me to achieve my goal.

Hopefully this passion that I have now will encourage me to post daily on the interesting topics that I would like to discuss here in the future. I’m just exciting about it and couldn’t wait to get started!